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The mission of LYBA is to provide a quality, competitive baseball program and develop skills of our players in a team environment, while providing a path for those who wish to compete at the high school level.

Frequently Asked Questions






  • How competitive is LYBA?  LYBA teams compete in the Rocky Mountain Junior Baseball League (RMJBL) and teams compete at the AA (good), AAA (better), Majors/Open (best) levels depending on the skill level of the team's players. Most first year teams start at the AA or AAA level. Our goal is to have participants playing at a level that corresponds to their baseball skills with all players having a team no matter their ability.
  • What is the commitment level required for playing on an LYBA team?  The number of league games vary depending on the competitive level that the team is playing.  AA and AAA teams play 18 league games (9 home games and 9 away games) and Majors teams play 12 league games (6 home games and 6 away games).  The 8 through 13-year old's start their regular season in early April and end in late June. 14-year old teams start their league season in mid March and end in mid May. If there are enough teams in a division, AA and AAA divisions are geographically divided so LYBA teams in these divisions usually play league games against teams based in Northern Jefferson County, Broomfield, etc.  Coaches schedule the number of practices that they want to conduct based on the number of league games teams play and the number of tournaments the team decides to enter.  The total games played can be anywhere from ~20 to 50 games depending on level and the number of tournaments.  
  • How many tournaments do LYBA teams play?  The number of tournaments that a team plays is up to each team.  Typically, Majors/Open teams enter 4 - 8 tournaments and lower division teams enter 1 - 3 tournaments.
  • How much does it cost to play in LYBA?  Cost varies for each team depending on the number of tournaments that a team enters, the cost of team uniforms, and any indoor facility costs.  Some teams chose to do fundraisers or solicit sponsorships to offset some team costs.  The typical range is between $400 and $1500 per boy.
  • What should players bring to LYBA tryouts?  Players should bring cleats, a glove, bat, batting helmet (if you have one) and water to tryouts.
  • How long do tryouts last?  Players should plan on participating in the entire tryout session for their age group.
  • What skills are evaluated during tryouts?  Players will be evaluated on their infield, outfield, base running, pitching, and batting skills during tryouts.
  • How are teams selected?  Once tryouts are complete, coaches will be given tryout results.  Coaches then contact players and explain their team's philosophy, expectations, and plans for the upcoming season.  Players will then be asked to make a decision.  It is very important to make timely decisions because responses can affect other players and teams.  In most cases, players will have one week to decide on accepting an offer from a team.
  • How can I coach in LYBA?  All LYBA coaches are volunteers and we are always looking for positive, enthusiastic coaches.  Coaches of all levels are welcome, current coaches provide mentoring and support to new LYBA coaches. LYBA coaches take concussion training and undergo background checks. Interested individuals should complete on-line coaches application.